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Home Quest Inspection Services is a modern – day inspection company that highly values client respect, professional courtesy, and teamwork above all. We recognize that inspectors are team members in the real estate transaction and pledged to equip clients with the most credible, unbiased information regarding the safety and integrity of their future home. Our business model is structured to deliver unique services to our clients that give them the knowledge to make a good purchase decision and the tools to be good stewards of their home.

Wade Short, the company inspector, has dedicated over 18 years participating in various forms of professional inspections, such as; oil industry inspections, industrial equipment inspections, ship safety systems inspections, aviation quality assurance inspections, and ultimately home inspections. Wade is trained and certified as a home inspector by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and is a graduate of the ASHI school. I am comfortable as a home inspector because I enjoy observing and collecting the facts. Having an ASHI certified inspector means you are getting an inspector certified through the nation’s oldest and most widely recognized home inspection certification program.

How are we better serving our clients?

  • Clients can pay inspection fees via check, cash, or credit card (in person or online)
  • Clients can sign agreements from our software
  • Clients can email and text the inspector from our software
  • Clients can easily schedule home inspections via online scheduling, email, or phone
  • All reports are held in cloud storage for 10 years with secure access
  • Clients can share a copy of the inspection report with their agent from our software; as well as shared repair lists and signed documents
  • Complementary lifetime appliance recall service to verify any recall notices
  • Complementary one time build fax report detailing the history of building permits and many essential property details
  • Complementary lifetime access to a digital home binder (home management software) that offers specific support and centralized organization for everything related to your home
  • Complementary 24-hr turnover report of repair estimates to help assist agent negotiations
  • Real estate agents can pay an invoice for the client from our software
  • Real estate agents can email and text the inspector from our software
  • Real estate agents can use our software to gain access to inspection reports and create an inspection objection list
  • Real estate agents can give inspection report access to the listing or sellers agent from our software

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